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    BIOSI Company was established in 2013 in the city of Riyadh with the aim of establishing a facility for the collection, transportation and treatment of hazardous medical, biological and pharmaceutical waste in the Riyadh and Qassim regions. The company provides its services through three connected channels, which is the collection of hazardous medical waste from all bodies of the governmental and private medical sector through a specialized and trained team at the highest level to deal with hazardous waste and avoid accidents and mishandling. The service of transporting medical waste collected from customers and transporting it to the company's treatment facility in Sudair Industrial City through a fleet of vehicles designated and equipped according to the standards of the Saudi Ministry of Health and the Saudi General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection in accordance with an approved and trained work protocol for all staff. And the service of treating hazardous medical, biological and pharmaceutical waste with the latest technologies adopted globally in this field and approved by the competent authorities within the Kingdom, such as microwave technology, thermal oxidation technology (incineration) and shredding technology. This is in addition to contracting with qualified industrial landfills for the safe disposal of waste being treated and disposed off.

    Indeed, during that short period, the Biohazards Solutions Innovators Company succeeded in obtaining the confidence of government agencies in the Kingdom and obtaining all the necessary qualifications and licenses, as well as the company succeeded in obtaining the services of major governmental and private hospitals in the city of Riyadh.

    The company also aims to become the largest company specialized in the field of collecting, transporting and treating hazardous medical waste in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the most widespread, during the current year, to expand to other regions within the Kingdom in order for us to serve the largest possible number of customers.

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    Vision & Mission

    Vision: To be the leading company in waste treatment management throughout the Middle East & North Africa.

    Mission: To provide a safe & healthy environment and innovative services to our clients whilst promoting sustainable development.

    Bio-medical Waste Disposal

    The highest standards in biomedical waste solutions for all types facilities.

    Safety is our number one priority. More healthcare practices & facilities across the globe are choosing BIOSI for our customer-focused and cost-effective approach to  sharps, pharmaceutical and biomedical waste services.

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    The most secure and ecologically friendly medical waste disposal system


    We safeguard both workers and patients when managing and disposing of sharps waste, and we are considered as one of the world's safest sharps containment organizations.

    Immediate Savings

    We help reduce expenses significantly through tailored scheduling and bigger container options for volume efficiency. Our goal is to reduce your overall costs by a minimum of 30%.

    Secure Containers

    Safety is our number one priority. We supply secure and efficient pick-up containers. Our experienced staff will handle containers to prevent spills and unwanted access.

    Eco Friendly

    To contribute to a reduction in overall waste, we provide reusable containers to minimize the amount of plastic and cardboard that ends up in our landfills.

    Timely Pick Ups

    Save time and labour by choosing BIOSI medical waste disposal. We offer a wide range of accessories and services to ensure safer handling at point of care.

    Complete Compliance

    Avoid the risk of OSHA fines by working with a qualified medical waste disposal partner like Sanpro. It’s why we work so hard to create easy to use, easy to understand services and training programs.