Medical Waste Disposal For Doctors | BIOSI Medical Waste & Pickup

    Bio-medical Waste Disposal & Management

    Our services includes any medical waste coming from medical facilities, such as, hospitals, medical labs, blood banks, dialysis centers, biotechnology companies, medical, vet and dental clinics, pharmaceutical factories, research centers, pharmacies, medical stores. Medical wastes include syringes, needles, sharp tools, pharmaceutical products, human and animal tissues, blood and secretions, etc.

    General Waste, Kitchen Waste, Paper, Tissues, Water Bottles & Cans.

    Infected Plastic Syringes, Gloves & Plastic Waste.

    Infected Waste Soiled, Anatomical, Chemical Liquid, Cytotoxic, Expired Laboratory Waste & Discarded Medicines

    Glassware Antibiotic Vials, Metallic Implants, Glassware Material Except Cytotoxic

    Sharp Needles & Cut Glasses