Collection, Treatment & Disposal

    Medical wastes are collected from the hospitals, clinics, warehouses and polyclinics by BIOSI’s trained crew according to the highest standards of safety through a fleet of trucks equipped with a cooling systems to transfer wastes to the treatment station in healthful conditions suitable for the nature of these wastes. BIOSI Company provides hospitals with containers to collect wastes in and it is replaced by another one sterilized in the next visit. In addition, it provides consuming goods; such as plastic bags and containers with very reasonable prices.

    BIOSI Company renders service of transferring medical wastes from its source whether it is a hospital, clinic or healthy centers by a fleet of cooling vehicles prepared especially for this purpose. The process of transferring should be done in special conditions of ventilation, temperature, etc. as per the recommendations and standards of Saudi PME and MOH.

    All used sharps need to be placed in a marked hard-plastic bin.

    Biohazardous or potentially infectious medical waste.

    Hazardous pharmaceutical waste on the RCRA’s P and U lists.

    Trace chemotherapy waste that’s considered “RCRA empty”.

    Bulk chemotherapy waste items that are not “RCRA empty”.